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Manassas VA Locksmith Store Manassas, VA 571-261-8862You must have experienced that there are a host of things that we can never escape regardless of the efforts put in the direction of preventing them from happening. We might take all the precautions and always be watchful about carrying and keeping our keys safely and still we face residential lockouts. They are so common that Manassas VA Locksmith Store receives hundreds of calls daily from people in desperate need of a locksmith to get them inside their homes in the Manassas, VA area.


Residential lockouts service

Anyone facing a lockout would be in dire need of help as they want to get back in as quickly as possible and consequently might end up making the wrong decisions. The locksmiths from Manassas VA Locksmith Store are skilled enough to handle your locks and open them within no time, thus leading you inside your homes swiftly, once they have reached your location.

The locksmiths from Manassas VA Locksmith Store that reach you in situations like residential lockouts are experienced and can be relied upon with the locks and keys to your home. There are a host of other services as well that we provide in addition to emergency lockout services.

Rekeying locks

During most of the lockouts, rekeying the locks and sharing the new set of keys with the customers is what we do in most of the cases.

Repairing break-in locks

If your locks have been tampered with by a burglar or a thief broke in to your home, we can repair the locks for you. Be it the locks on your cabinets, windows or main doors, we can completely change the locks with new ones.

Replacing Locks

Replacing locks with the ones that provide better security features is also a recommended practice as we are seeing latest advancements having constructive impact in the field.

Installing locks and safes

Not all valuables can simply be kept locked behind the locks of main doors and certain rooms and some of them require safes to keep them from being stolen. Our locksmiths can help in installation of new safes to keep the valuables safe.


Quickest Response: We have always reached our clients within 15-20 minutes after being contacted for emergency services like residential lockouts.

Unlock all types and brands of doors:Appreciating the fact that different locks require different tools, we have the best collection of tools required for the job.

Damage-free residential lockouts service: As we perform our job, we cause no damage to anything around the lock.

So call us on 571-261-8862 during residential lockouts for quick resolution.